Speaker Therese Terlaje Responds to Senator Chris Duenas: “I’m willing to say we made an error. Now, can we move forward? Let’s move forward and let’s fix it, if you want to fix it”, with Patti

Written by on October 25, 2021

Senator of the 36th Guam Legislature Speaker Therese Terlaje speaks to Patti in response to a previous interview with Senator Chris Duenas as it involves both Bill 130-36 (Guam World War II Reconciliation Act of 2021), and the walk-out of Republican Senators from session last Friday. Speaker Terlaje admits that there were indeed clerical errors within the bill, and although she accepts responsibility, she also points out that the error passed by the Legislature as a whole, as well as Adelup. Terlaje calls upon her fellow Senators to move forward and fix the bill as opposed to grand standing.


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