Senator James Moylan talks not Participating in Last Friday’s Walk-Out of Legislature: “I felt as sponsor of the bill, I needed to stay there…I wanted to stay to hear it, and ask my questions”, with Patti

Written by on October 25, 2021

Senator of the 36th Guam Legislature, James Moylan speaks to Patti about his reasons of not participating in the legislative walk-out, along with his Republican peers. Last Friday, Minority Leader Chris Duenas, along with Senators Tony Ada, Frank Blas Jr. Joanne Brown, Telo Taitague walked out of session after a call for an on-record discussion as to how Bill 130-36 managed to get passed was met with resistance. According to Moylan, he felt as the sponsor of the bill, he needed to remain to be able to ask his own questions. When asked if he felt any particular person should be put on the chopping block for the errors within Bill 130-36, Moylan says, “I think the public just wants the solution, and we are doing the job to make sure that that solution comes out. I don’t think anybody’s head should be put on the block, especially if [the error] was not intentional”.

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