Man Land and Sea


Dave continues to keep our island residents and eco warriors updated on some of the big topics of discussion during the Covid19 stay home movement.


After Covid19 shut down most night shows on K57, Dave makes his return to the airwaves with this edition of Man, Land and Sea!  Dave dives right in to the hot topics regarding our island and our sustainability and environmental awareness all while social distancing and keeping his mask on!


Eco warrior, rigorous recycler (not a word), and homegrown host of Man, Land & Sea, Dave Duenas is back in studio doing what he does best: talking trash (and about other topics concerning the environment)! Joining our host is Larry Gast (GM of Guam Solid Waste Authority), and frequent contributor to the show! Naturally, with all that is going on in the news globally, the topic of COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus comes up into discussion, specifically regarding landfills containing contaminated waste that could possibly hold coronavirus as well as other viruses. Tune into to Man, Land & Sea every LIVE Tuesday night from 18:30 to 20:00 (GMT), and lets come up with holistic, simple solutions to help save our beloved planet together!

If it involved our island and her island and environment, we are talking about it! On this episode of Man, Land & Sea w/ Dave Duenas, we start with talk of the ocean and eventually segway to the prevalent stray dog problem that seems to grow everyday here on Guam. First up is Esther, a young professional and member of Heirs to our Oceans (H2OO), an global volunteer organization that works to promote awareness of earth’s oceans, the multitude of problems we all face or will eventually encounter regardless of where we live, and all of whom attempt to teach individuals what they can do to help save our planet! Our second interview begins with Mayor of the Municipality of Yigo, Rudy Matanane, who speaks to Dave about the stray dog problem plaguing his village.

When it comes to talking trash, our host Dave Duenas is a pro! To sweeten the deal, he’s brought some prominent fellow trash-talkers along with him for tonight’s show! Joining Duenas in this episode are Larry Gast (GM of Guam Solid Waste Authority), Dave Sablan (business owner, consultant, D.J. Sablan & Co.), and guest co-host Eddy “Sharky” Cruz  (engineer, frequent contributor). As you can imagine, we talk at length about trash, specifically as it pertains to incineration on Guam, a controversial topic for Guam’s residents. Whether you are pro incineration or have other solutions in mind when it comes to our waste, listen to this episode as we break down the pros and cons of bringing one to island!

After we missed him for our last episode for Man, Land & Sea, we finally get Dave Duenas back in the studio to do what he does best: updating the people about Guam’s environmental issues and brainstorming possible solutions. In this episode, we have guests Brent Tibbits (Department of Agriculture), as well as Felix Reyes (Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council). Among the many topics of discussion Duenas and his guests speak about, we do a pretty good job about keeping the subject in the ocean, and boy, do we have a lot to talk about! Join us as we talk trash… and pollution in general, and how we might be able to save the planet from itself!

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