DYA Director talks ‘Adoption Bills’ at Legislature–Gives Update on DYA Aiding CPS, with Patti

Written by on April 21, 2021

Director for Department of Youth Affairs (DYA), Melanie Brennan speaks to Patti firstly about how DYA is continuing to assist Child Protective Services (CPS). Though the end goal is to return CPS to Department of Public Health & Social Services, Brennan says DYA will carry on with assistance, providing social workers employed by DYA to aid CPS, until more social workers are recruited. Brennan also goes on to talk about two bills at the 36th Guam LegislatureBill 108-36 Bill 109-36 which are relative to adoption services on Guam. Though Brennan supports both bills, she calls for more discussions with the authors of the bills, as well as an oversight of adoption agencies to add to the vetting process before children are put up for adoption.



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