DPHSS Medical Director Announces Restock of 14,000 Doses of Moderna Vaccine–Talks Controversy of False Positives, with Patti

Written by on March 5, 2021

Medical Director for Department of Public Health & Social Services (DPHSS), Dr. Felix Cabrera (MD) speaks to Patti about still not having results regarding the COVID-19 variant strains. Dr. Cabrera also announces a restock in the Moderna Vaccine, giving the figure of 14,000 doses ‘in good condition’. A quarter into the conversation, Dr. Tom Shieh (MD) calls in with questions, most notably a concern he voices regarding Guam Visitor’s Bureau (GVB) imminent resuming of tourism, with Shieh expressing that quarantine protocols should be no different for tourists as it has been for residents of Guam.  Dr. Cabrera also addresses a woman identified originally as being COVID-19 who later tested negative by her primary care doctor, as well as a case where woman was separated from her new born baby as a result of COVID-19.

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