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January 4, 2019




Bringing a combination of energy, experience, and innovation—the Democratic Party of Guam announced its leadership positions for the 35th Guam Legislature today.


Veteran lawmaker Senator Tina Rose Muna Barnes secured the Democratic Caucus’s nomination as Speaker, while incumbent Senator Telena C. Nelson and incoming Senator-Elect Amanda L. Shelton are slated to serve as Vice Speaker and Legislative Secretary, respectively.

No one becomes Speaker without the trust of their colleagues.  For that trust I am truly honored and humbled, said Senator Elect Muna Barnes.  “I’ve never pretended to have all the answers but I can bring together the people who do.  This body is about ‘we’ not ‘me.”

Each of us are profoundly committed to improving the lives of everyday people.  That will require courage, cooperation, and the belief that a small group of dedicated People can make a difference.  I’m truly humbled to be Vice Speaker of the 35th Guam Legislature and I will work to always be worthy of the People We serve,” said Senator Telena Cruz Nelson.


The Democratic Supermajority also chose to reunite the Committee on Rules—which had been reorganized into two separate committees last term—designating Senator Régine Biscoe Lee as its chair. The Committee on Appropriations and the Office of Finance and Budget has been assigned to Senator Joe S. San Agustin.


“Guam gave the Democratic Party a resounding victory in 2018.  Now, the work we do must win for the People of Guam in 2019 and beyond”, said Democratic Party Chair Senator Régine Biscoe Lee.


Senator Elect Muna Barnes will be joined by four Democratic incumbents and a freshman class of five Senators.

“The incoming 35th Guam Legislature encompasses its most diverse body with experience in both public service and advocacy, said Senator Elect Amanda Shelton. “We each understand the special trust and privilege given to us by the People of Guam, and I know that together we have the tools to deliver change for our island.”


The 35th Guam Legislature will take their oath of office and vote on the nominations at the Body’s first session on Monday, January 7, 2018. All leadership positions as well as the composition of legislative committees are listed below.

Speaker:  Senator Tina Muña Barnes


Vice Speaker: Senator Telena Cruz Nelson


Legislative Secretary:  Senator-Elect Amanda Shelton


Majority Leader:  Senator Telena Cruz Nelson


Assistant Majority Leader:  Senator-Elect Dr. Kelly Marsh Taitano


Majority Whip:  Senator-Elect Amanda Shelton


Assistant Majority Whip:  Senator Régine Biscoe Lee


Committee on Rules: Senator Régine Biscoe Lee


Office of Finance and Budget:  Senator Joe S. San Agustin


Committee on Health, Tourism, Historic Preservation, Land and Justice: Senator Therese M. Terlaje


Committee on Economic Development, Agriculture, Maritime Transportation, Power and Energy Utilities, and Emergency Response: Senator-Elect Clynt Ridgell


Committee on Public Safety, Border Safety, Military and Veteran Affairs, Mayors Council, Infrastructure and Public Transit:  Senator-Elect Jose Terlaje


Committee on Environment, Revenue and Taxation, and Procurement:  Senator-Elect Sabina E. Perez


Committee on Heritage and the Arts, Parks, Guam Products, Hagatna Revitalization, Self-Determination,and Regional Affairs: Senator-Elect Dr. Kelly Marsh Taitano


Committee on Federal and Foreign Affairs, Telecommunications, Technology, and Labor:  Senator Régine Biscoe Lee


Committee on General Government Operations, Appropriations, and Housing: Senator Joe S. San Agustin


Committee on Higher Education and the Advancement of Women, Youth, and Senior Citizens: Senator-Elect Amanda L. Shelton


Committee on Education, Air Transportation, and Statistics, Research, and Planning: Senator Telena Cruz Nelson


Committee on Public Accountability, Human Resources, and the Guam Buildup: Senator Tina Muña Barnes


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