Christine Baleto and Chris Duenas talk about the Governor’s economic “Relief” plan with Tony Lamorena

Written by on March 10, 2020

The Guam Chamber of Commerce has issued a statement expressing concern that the Governor’s ‘TEAM Guam’ economic assistance plan aimed at helping the island’s businesses survive the blow from the ongoing damage being done by the coronavirus “does not truly offer relief to businesses.”

In the statement the Chamber says “deferring business privilege tax payments for three (3) months does not provide a company any relief if operational expenses remain status quo but income has decreased.”

According to the Chamber’s statement, the plan “does not address … the core problem … which is being able to sustain adequate working hours for their employees.”

The Chamber wants the government  to step up its support of Guam businesses by offering “a true and robust relief plan” that would “help small businesses” and “provide opportunities to protect employees.”

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