K57 Interviews

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A report commissioned on customs and border security.

The National Weather Service tracking a tropical disturbance in eastern Micronesia.

Interview between Phill Leon Guerrero and former Senator Jess Lujan about the 2006 plans to provide more housing for senior citizens at Guma Trankilidat by construction of a 5 story building replacing the units.

Interview between Phill Leon Guerrero with Samantha Brennan, acting Director Dept of Corrections, about the need to increase the number of corrections officers and how the increase in personnel will be funded.

Interview between Phill Leon Guerrero and Iganci0 ‘Ike’ Peredo, acting Direcotr Guam Customs and Quarantine,  about plans for increasing the number of personnel assigned to the department and how this increase is personnel would be funded.

A conversation with the newly appointed director.

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