K57 Interviews

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Interview between Patti Arroyo and Jayne Flores, director Bureau of Women’s Affairs, about the distribution of menstrual cups to the schools by the Bureau of Women’s Affairs and Island Girl Power.

Policy Director for the Office of the Governor, Carlo Branch speaks to Tony about war claims.  

Counsel for the Chamorro Land Trust Commission talks about the history of land use rights on Guam.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Mayor Louise Rivera, Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon, about the 8th Annual Latte Peace Festival being held in the village on Saturday and Sunday, Jan 18th and 19th.

Tech Talk with Adam Butcher and Patti Arroyo.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Cyrus Luhr, president Guam Animal in Need, about a pet dog having been drenched with gasoline and then beaten with rocks and a broken cinder block.

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