K57 Interviews

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Regarding the identification of a deceased motorist involved in a car accident on Route 2 in the village of Agat, Patti speaks to SGT Paul Tapao of the Guam Police Department to see if any progress has been made, as well as what is hindering the ID of the victim.  

Senator Therese Terlaje takes some time to speak to Patti about parole.  

A general update while the congressman is back on island.

Major Jo Blas from the Guam National Guard on the southern boarder deployment and other activities.

Troy McVey from the University of Guam talks with Phill LG about Wednesday’s  graduate program recruitment fair.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Tom Devlin about the Veterans Town Hall Teleconference which was held at the Guam Community College Multipurpose Room Building 400 this morning.

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