K57 Interviews

Pacific Fleet Public Affairs  holds a press conference regarding the recently docked U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, which may contain a number of U.S. Navy personnel infected with COVID-19. Fielding the media’s questions and concerns is U.S. Pacific Fleet Admiral, J.C. Aquilino.


Passenger Joe, a man quarantined here on Guam after arriving on a Philippine Airlines flight details his thirteenth day in isolation with Patti. Passenger Joe worries he will not be able to leave after the mandatory 14-days of quarantine, and goes on to say that he has yet to hear anything from Department of Health […]

The GOP Minority Leader calling Speaker Tina Muna Barnes “disingenuous” for cancelling session yet again.

Interview between Patti Arroyo, Dr Lombard and Sweet One Gillim about the St John’s relief support for the supply drive for frontliners for COVID19.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Maria Gutierrez, chairperson Guam Board of Education, about the curriculum items related to school closures caused by the coronavirus.

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