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The anti-military activist group, Prutehi Litekyan is upset at a picture of a service member posing with a replica latte stone.

The economic impact of raising taxes on the people of Guam. Real data from the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association on why raising taxes negatively affects everyone on the island.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Speaker, Senator B J Cruz about the legislation to increase to increase the Hotel Occupancy Tax and the Business Privilege Tax. They then talked about the issues in creating the FY2019 Operational budget for the Government of Guam.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and John Benavente, General Manager Guam Power Authority, about the weekend power outages. They then talked about the issue of power panels at the Guam Memorial Hospital. They also talked about the GPA pilot program dealing with vegetation on power lines.They also talked about the power system problems during and after […]

Eradicating an invasive species of algae.

The Calvo-Tenorio Administration claims the only way out of the fiscal crisis is to increase taxes on the hardworking people of Guam.


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