K57 Interviews

Reporting on a stakeholder meeting with military representatives concerning the new Finegayan firing range SDZ.

A call out for musicians for the Tumon Bay Music Festival.

Tech Talk with Adam Butcher and Patti Arroyo.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Kelly Fitzpatrick about a fundraiser being held at Jimmy Dee’s on Friday, January 25th to raise funds for members of the US Coast Guard who are affected by the partial federal shutdown.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Greg Massey, Guam Dept of Labor, about the impact of the decision by the US Dept of Homeland Security to prohibit employment of workers from the Philippines as an H2B visa worker.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Senator Terese Terlaje about the legislative office costs for her office. They then talked about recently introduced legislation mandating more transparency at the Guam Environmental Protection Agency.

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