Author: Jeremie Charfauros

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Director of the Department of Corrections Frank Ishizaki speaks to Patti about the restaffing occurring at D.O.C.      

Chief of Police for the Guam Police Department, Stephen Ignacio speaks to Patti about new police officers in training. Chief Ignacio also attempts to alleviate public concerns regarding the conduct of Guam Police Department officers, in lieu of the recent controversy involving a uniformed officer assaulting a suspect in custody.  

Spokesperson for the Guam Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) speaks to Tony about beaches  possibly polluted as a result of the recent passing storm.  

Helping us to get into the spirit of giving this Christmas, Assistant Coordinator for Toys for Tots, Staff Sergeant Jon Ewalds speaks to Kyle about his organization. In the interview, Jon talks about how the island can donate, locations to drop off gifts, and guidelines to follow regarding what can and cannot be donated.  

Former senator Fernando Esteves speaks to Andrea about

Spokesperson for Guam Homeland Security – Office of Civil Defense, Jenna Gaminde-Blas speaks to Andrea about dengue fever following an earlier conversation with a caller that claimed certain medications taken whilst being afflicted with dengue could have detrimental effects.  

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