Certified Master Technician for Triple J Auto Group helps to diagnose Guam’s car troubles, one call at a time on Tech Talk!  

Executive Manager for Guam Regional Transit Authority, Celestin Babauta talks funding for transportation on Mornings with Patti.  

Liason for Department of Public Health & Social Services, Bertha Taijeron lets Mornings with Patti listeners in on the happenings at the Yigo testing site for COVID-19.  

Governor of Guam, Lou Leon Guerrero speaks to Patti about extending public health emergency as a result of rise in positive COVID-19 cases, and addresses comments made by Guam Delegate to Congress, Mike San Nicolas to the House Committee on Natural Resources.  

Educational Board Chairwoman, Maria Gutierrez expands the conversation of re-opening the public school to students, with the first order of business being: relaxing school uniform requirements.    

Patti Arroyo speaks to Heidi Ballendorf–the daughter of the late Dr. Dirk Ballendorf–about the revival of a segment Dr. Ballendorf used to host called Island Insights, as well as her father’s legacy.  

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