Acting SHPO talks Discovery of Ancestral Remains at USMC Relocation Site: Twelve Individuals in Four Graves Studied and Reinterred–Hints at Commemorative Monument on Site, with Patti

Written by on March 4, 2021

Chief Adviser for Military & Regional Affair Acting State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), Carlotta Leon Guerrero speaks to Patti regarding the discovery of ancestral remains of twelve individuals buried in four graves at the site designated for the relocation of the United States Marine Corp. (USMC) from Japan to Guam. Leon Guerrero also talks about the Government of Guam in possession of about 3,000 ancestral remains being stored at various facilities awaiting reinterment. Leon Guerrero ends the interview with the notion that a monument will be erected to commemorate the remains found, though she admits being uncertain as to whether it will be a single structure for all remains found or individual monuments for each respective site and the remains found there.

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