Month: September 2020

Senator Moylan talks about the reopening of churches, with Tony Lamorena

The Roman Catholic Church openly defies Governor Lou Leon Guerrero by announcing the return of Holy Mass this weekend.

Office Manager for 2020 Census of Guam, Bernie Gines encourages Guam’s public to participate in the Guam Census, despite September 30, 2020 being the final day to do so. Gines also speaks about the process to acquire information, and why the Census is important.

Senator for the 35th Guam Legislature, Jim Moylan, also in agreeance with Pale Mike Crisostomo, pushes for religious services to be reopened to Guam’s public, a topic he highlights in a letter he authored to Governor Lou Leon Guerrero.

Pale Mike Crisostomo, a religious leader from the Catholic Church pushes to resume religious services, expressing the great need for churchgoers to have a spiritual outlet during the pandemic.

Guam’s economy is shattered. Predictions of a three-year recovery.

The Executive Director of the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority and his infamous pay increase raises hackles at the Guam Legislature as minority GOP senators are shut down at a roundtable.

Perspectives from the inside of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guam Department of Education Instructional Coaches Michelle Franquez, Rodney Palma and Franklin Indalecio. Home Schooled with Kate. COVID-19 Pandemic Edition.

A conversation about the GHURA hearing and his letter to the governor detailing his ideas to support small business.

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