Month: August 2019

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Interview between Phill Leon Guerrero and Simon Sanchez, member CCU, about a public meeting dealing with the new power plant in Dededo being held this evening at CCU Conference Room in the Glria B. Nelson Public Service Bldg in Mangilao at 5:30pm.  

Interview beetween Phill Leon Guerrero and Art Perez, PIO GPA, about an emergency power outage on Route 1 from the Route 1 and Route 8 intersection to Governor Carlos Camacho Road due to an auto pole collision.

Interview between Phill Leon Guerrero and Rory Respicio, general manager Port Authority of Guam, about the passage of the FY2020 PAG Budget. They then talked about dedicating an area at the port for the Dept of Customs and Quarantine to perform primary and secondary inspections.

The Guam Power Authority announces an emergency power outage in Piti.

Guam Department of Agriculture Forestry and Soil Resources Division invites you to plant some trees.

The Government of Guam’s problems with collecting revenue from tobacco taxes.

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