Month: February 2019

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Interview between Phill Leon Guerrero and Senator Wil Castro about objecting to the insertion of Bill 4-335 on the session agenda due to lack of a legislative committee report.

Interview between Phill Leon Gueerrero and Joey Duenas, Chairperson Consolidated Commission on Utilities, about approving a procedure for GWA to have a 70 day notification process to backbilling.

Interview between Phill Leon Guerrero and Linda Unpingco Denorcy, acting Director Dept of Public Health and Social Services, about the March 2019 SNAP allotment.

Interview betwween Phill Leon Guerrero and Jim McDonald, Guam Crime Stoppers, about the McDonald’s – Crimestopper 5K/2K being held this Saturday morning in Hagatna.

Interview between Phill Leon Guerrero and Mayor Melissa Savares, Dededo/President Mayors Council of Guam, about the the plans for the council to Adelup being delayed due to lack of room at Adelup.

Interview between Phill Leon Guerrero and Cynthia Cabot, Executive Director Guam Coalition Against Sexual Assaut and Family Violence, about recently introduced legislation which would change sentencing for offences involving sexual activity among or with minors.  

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