Month: January 2019

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Interview between Patti Arroyo and Governor Lou Leon Guerrero about the speech presented to the Guam Chamber of Commerce where she discussed the steps being taken to have the federal government reverse the decision to prohibit H2B workers from the Philippines. They then discussed the discussions with President Trump about a repayment of EITC payments […]

A bill to provide tax relief for micro and small businesses.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Celestin “Cel” Babauta, Director Guam Regional Transit Authority about a vehicle problem for the line which services the Green Line which services Agana to Merizo.

Interview between Patti Arroyo, Fire Chief Daniel Stone and Dept Fire Chief Joey San Nicolas about the Guam Fire Department.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Jack Hattig III about the Chamorro Land Trust Commission.  

Interview beteween Patti Arroyo and Margaret Hattori, Guam Homeless Coalition, about the preliminary results of the Point in Time Homeless Count conducted on Friday, January 25th.

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