Month: April 2018

Page: 17

Interview between Patti ARroyo, Ricky Baba and Valerie Blas about the Westin Resorts Hafa Adai Lunch Bufett.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo about the passing of former Lt Gov Eddie Reyes.

Interview between Patti Arroyo and Marie Benito, Dept Dir Dept of Revenue and Taxa tion, about the proposed tax amnesty program. They then talked about the issue of tax refunds.

Interview beteween Patti Arroyo and Speaker B J Cruz about the RFP for Government of Guam health insurance. They then talked about the late Lt Gov Eddie Reyes. They also talked about the announce tax amnesty and tax refunds.

The Department of Revenue and Taxation rolls out their tax amnesty program.

Adelup rescinds the furlough notices for Government of Guam Employees.

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