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Interview between Rick Nauta and Art Perez, PIO GPA, about an emergency outage affecting the southern part of the island.

Interview  between Rick Nauta and Jayne Flores about the Guam Community College extending the registration date for the Sprin g semester.

Interview between Rick Nauta and Art Perrez, PIO GPA, about several scheduled power outages for Friday, January 5th.

Interview between Rick Nautqa and Agat Mayor Kevin Susuico about the Agat Mango Festival.

Interview between Rick Nauta and James Gillan, Director Dept of Public Health and Social Services, about the continued closure of the lower 8 floors of the Verona Hotel and the notice of closure issued to the 7-Day Supermarket in Harmon.

Interview between Rick Nauta and Glenn Leon Guerrrero, Director DPW, about the recently released OPA report on the repairs of Guam roads. They also talked about the status of the work being done on he Route 1 and Route 3 intersection.


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